Mission Statement

The mission of Medical Risk Management, Inc. is to enhance patient care by educating physicians in principles and techniques of patient safety and medical error prevention, to enable physicians to better care for patients and reduce the potential for medical errors. To accomplish this mission the organization periodically assesses the needs of its physician clients in order to develop and make available seminars, workshops, and programmed learning materials on the subjects of patient safety, medical error prevention, medical risk management, and quality improvement. Consistent with identified needs, these activities are developed and conducted by medical risk management experts and are made available to any interested physician regardless of specialty in any state, through workshops as well as independent learning programs in both preprinted and Internet formats. Each activity is evaluated to assess its effectiveness, and that information is used to identify future program needs and ways to enhance future CME activities. Evaluation mechanisms include both subjective and objective measures of effectiveness. Physicians are encouraged to report long-term changes in practice patterns that are attributed to these CME programs, to enable us to determine how best to deliver CME that will produce desired behavioral change and measurable results.

These programs are available to individual physicians as well as hospitals, clinics, specialty societies, medical liability insurance carriers and other entities concerned with continuing medical education and professional development for physicians. In order to assure that these programs are made available to physicians who need and request them, Medical Risk Management, Inc. may, at its sole discretion, elect to jointly sponsor CME programs with selected organizations who may not be accredited as CME providers. Where joint sponsorship is elected, Medical Risk Management, Inc. will retain sole control over course content and administration, consistent with the ACCME’s Essentials and Standards.